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Best way to Play Blu-ray on Sony 4K projector

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Part 1. Sony’s 4K projectors include:

Sony’s SXRDTM 4K projector line offers the ultra high resolution, high brightness, enhanced contrast and smooth motion technology necessary to create realistic and effective simulation and training imagery.

Sony’s newest 4K projectors include the VPL- GTZ280, a 2,000 lumen model designed for simulation, visualization and training. A flexible design allows integrators to add features if needed, including 3,000 lumens of extra brightness to deliver 5,000 lumens total, night vision goggle capability, 4K 120P to allow 4K 3D at 60P, and HDR gamma. This projector is designed to offer flexibility for any application or budget.

Sony’s 4K projector line also includes the lamp-based and smaller budget VPL-GT100 4K and VPL-GH10 2K models, plus the VPL-GTZ1 that combines 4K, laser light source and ultra-short throw capabilities and fits a range of commercial and defense applications.

Sony’s projector line also includes a range of 3LCD laser light source projectors, including the newest models in the VPL-FHZ series that offer cost-effective, high-brightness projection in non-critical training applications.

These models are joined by other models for fixed installation and larger venue applications, and a series of installation units with built-in HDBaseTTM interfaces for easier connectivity and reduced total system costs.

Sony’s Professional Solutions Americas group develops and manufactures video and audio technologies for a range of professional applications. These technologies are used by professionals in a range of market segments including houses of worship, government, healthcare, education, and hospitality, among others.

Part 2. Best Way – Ripping Blu-ray Movies to Sony 4K projector

We found many people want to play Blu-ray videos and movies on Sony 4K projector, but no solutions. No worry, here we share one solution to you. In fact, it is also simple, you just need a 4K Video Converter to help you convert 4K footage to any formats you want. Here, With Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, you can convert Blu-ray to Sony 4K projector supported format for playing. Besides, this 4K video converter not only can meet you format needs, but also can allow you to edit the 4K video such as crop, trim, merge, watermark, effects, and more. Read the detailed conversion steps as followed, then you would find it piece of cake to rip Blu-ray on Windows. (Read review)

Free download the top video converter for Windows:
Rip Blu-ray movies to MP4 format for playing on Sony 4K projector without problem

Step 1. Simply click the “Load file(s)” button on program toolbar to load Blu-ray movies from disc. Inserting the Blu-ray disc into Blu-ray drive is needed before the loading. All imported Blu-ray movies could be previewed on program right viewing window. Just check the titles or chapters you want to rip.

Step 2. Set right output format. Click “Format” bar, and select .mp4 from “Common video” or “HD video” to suit Sony 4K projector for smooth playing.

Tips: The default settings may not satisfy you, and you can click the “Settings” button to change the settings by yourself including video resolution, bit rate, audio sample rate, audio channel etc. for full screen playback smoothly. Or keep no changes, which is also a good choice.

Step 3. Click the “Convert” button on the main interface and the software will start to rip  Blu-ray to Sony 4K projector friendly video formats immediately. When the conversion finishes, click “Open” to find the converted video files. Then you can effortless transfer the video files to Sony 4K projector for freely playback. Have a try and share, wish you a nice day.

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Comparison of 4K UHD vs 1080P Full HD

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4K technology seems to be on the cusp of taking over the HD digital media world, from TV screens to computer monitors to cameras and projectors, 4K screen resolution and all of its accompanying features are starting to circulate widely. But, you might be wondering, what exactly is 4K and is 4K UHD superior to 1080P or not. If so, read the following pst to learn what are the differences between 4K and 2K.

What Exactly Is 4K?

4K, officially known as UHD (Ultra-High Definition), is an overarching term that encompasses visual resolution technology which offers more pixels than regular HDTV (at least 4 times more pixels and thus the name 4K). The ultimate result of this increased pixel breakdown is a an image clarity that goes well beyond conventional 1080 pixel HD resolution and presents more vibrant, varied and realistic colors as well as much higher frame rates.

Currently, the best display of UHD technology is the 4K resolution TV and many of these have been emerging on the market since mid-2013, although 4K monitors have been around since 2013 and 4K resolution film and photo cameras commercially since at least 2012.

4K display has to consist of at least 3,840 pixels (horizontal) x 2,160 pixels (vertical) of resolution and the horizontal can go above 4,000 pixels. This puts it on the top of the current scale of digital resolutions in which the bottom is occupied by standard definition TV (450X540 pixels), HD with 720 pixels and full HD at 1080p.

In simplest terms, if you measure HD resolution by vertical pixel height (720p, 1080p) then 4K UHD can also be called 2160p.

As you can see, 4K outstrips its best HD predecessor by a very wide margin in creating a resolution profile that’s two times wider and two times higher than 1080 HD, thus giving a total screen resolution that’s 4 times larger overall, thus its name, 4K or, as it used to be called, Quad HD.

Get best 4K UHD video player here.

4K vs 1080P: in Visual Acuity

The 4k image is smoother, and has more detail than the 1080p image. Look closely and you’ll see that the edges around objects in the 1080p picture are noticeably more jagged. The difference is because the higher pixel count of a 4k screen allows for a more natural representation of the picture, with smoother outlines for distinct objects and added detail in the image.

Below is an experiment picture of 4K vs 1080p from Digital Trends.

You see: 1080P is the clear water, and 4K is the crystal clear water.

Winner: 4K UHD

4K vs 1080P: in Video Source

1080P video is widely used almost anywhere, but only very few sources can provide 4k content. Currently, it is only available on some titles on Netflix, YouTube or Sony’s Video Unlimited.

Winner: 1080P

4K vs 1080P: in Device Compatibility

4K Ultra HD video delivers superior viewing experience compared with 1080p video when displayed on devices with 2K display. However, media players and 4K TVs supporting 4K video are more expensive than the traditional ones and only well-equipped computers can play 4K video smoothly. With high resolution, 4K video with large file size may also cause storage problem. While, playing a 1080p video is quite easy and convenient since it is compatible with almost all smart mobile devices, tablets and TVs.

Solution to play 4K UHD and 1080P FHD on Mobile Device

Due to format limitation and large file size of 4K videos, you may meet the 4K playback issues on various devices.

To relieve you from the trouble, Pavtube Video Converter  is a powerful but easy-to-use tool for users just starting out, which delivers a stunning performance in converting and compressing 4K UHD video to any mobile device (200+ device profiles), all iPhones, iPads, Samsung, Sony, HTC, TVs, etc. no matter the 4K video formatted in what file format, MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, or AVHCD, MKV, MTS. The same applies to any 1080P/720P video conversion. It also can downsacle 4K to 1080p or upsacle 1080p to 4KThese are the main differences between 4K and 1080p. It’s your choice to choose one to better suit your actual needs. But anyway, with the improvement of society and people’s needs, 4K display resolution will be the new trend.

Free Download or Purchase Pavtube Video Converter Converter:

Other Download:
– Pavtube old official address:
– Cnet Download:

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Play 4K XAVC on MX Player without stumble issues

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The successful sale of new CineAlta 4K camera makes XAVC format widely adopted in the marketplace. XAVC can record 4K resolution, HD resolution, Proxy XAVC and more for super video quality and wonderful visual experience. Though 4K UltraHD video is coming to Android, a device shipped with 4K specs will definitely cost lot. Many folks would prefer to play 4K XAVC video on Android device with MX Player from Google Play.

MX Player is the first Android video player which supports multi-core decoding. And with the help of the new H/W decoder, its hardware acceleration feature can be applied to more videos, which also enables itself to support 4K video playback. However, sometimes playing 4K videos on MX Player will be a little stumble. Besides, it is a pity that 4K XAVC is not compatible with MX Player due to the format limitation of this Android player.

Thus, to enjoy 4K XAVC on Android using MX Video Player without format limitations, you have one more thing to do: to convert 4K XAVC to MX Player accepted formats at first. There are thousands of video converters, such as Handbrake, Format Factory, but they can’t play a role of 4K video encoder. Here Pavtube Video Converter is the best choice, which can provide the ultimate 4K viewing experience on MX Player for everyone!

Developed with the most advanced converting technology, this professional 4K video converter truly and fully supports input and output videos at 4K resolution. With it, you can freely transcode 4K footage, 4K YouTube clips to MX Player friendly formats for enjoying on MX PLayer wherever you like. Plus, with this best 4K video converter, it also becomes easy to convert 4K video to native codec for playing on TV, VLC, Apple TV, etc.. For mac users, get Pavtube Video Converter for Mac.

Free Download the best 4K XAVC to MX Player converter:

Other Download:
– Pavtube old official address:
– Cnet Download:

How to transcode 4K XAVC to MX Player supported format losslessly

1. Load 4K XAVC Videos

Launch the  best 4K XAVC Video Converter; click “Add video” and load your 4K XAVC video files. Or directly drag and drip your 4K source to the program.

2. Choose output format

Click the “Format” drop down list to select a proper video format like MP4 or MKV from “Common Video” or “HD Video” as you want. Since this video converter also provides optimal profiles for kinds of Android devices, you can also select a proper format that best meets your needs.

3. Compress 4K videos

Click “Settings” button; you can adjust video and audio settings, including codec, aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, and audio channel. To compress 4K to 1080p, do remember adjusting video size to 1920*1080. If you want to downsize 4k to 2k, you are advised to set video size as 2048×1080.

4. Start 4K XAVC video conversion

Hit “Convert” button to start encoding your 4K XAVC movies to MX Player. After conversion, check the generated video and it would be much easier to playback your 4K XAVC video clips while keeping 100% the original 4K video quality.

This converter converts videos ultra fast and supports batch conversion for saving time. As the format compatibility problems have been solved, you can now enjoy the 4K Ultra HD videos on Android devices freely using the free 4K video player — MX Video Player. Have fun!

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Related Softwares:

Professional HD Video converter for converting HD Videos on Mac, provides the perfect solution to convert HD video to any HD/SD video format like AVCHD MTS/M2TS/TS, H.265, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, FLV, MKV, WebM, M4V, etc. and vice versa on Mac. Running perfectly on Mac OS X Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks/Yosemite/El Capitan/macOS Sierra.
It is blazing professional video conversion software, enabling you to convert any video formats like H.265, MP4, MOV, MTS, M2TS, TS, MPEG, FLV, AVI, MKV and more 300+ formats or YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook video, to 4K/HD 1080P video. It possesses high compatibility with portable iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, QuickTime, etc.


Play 4K Video in VLC Player via Mac OS X El Capitan

Category : 4K Formats , Desktop Player

People love to watch movies to enrich their spare times. Thanks to the creation of 4K technology, a lot of 4K movies spring up to meet people’s needs. Taking House of Cards 2 as an example, it is so popular that it has attracted thousands of 4K movies lovers. But playing super high definition 4K videos is a Herculean task. Well, in this article we focus on how to play 4K video in VLC Player on Mac OS X El Capitan.
VLC media player 2.1 has been in support playing Ultra HD / 4K videos, viewing 4K files in VLC is not so easy as we image. As the problems I occurred, the latest VLC media player still does not support 4K video playback perfectly: there is stutters, not showing audio, etc issues. Well, don’t let it be your playback hurdle.
What you can do is to scale the 4K resolution and tweaking a setting. What’s more, if your 4K videos in a VLC unsupported format, it won’t work at all. In this case, what you need is to convert 4K video to VLC playable format first.

If you are Mac users, to resolve all the issues, we can recommend you Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac , which is an all-in-one tool that can help you to convert and downscale 4K videos within one stop.

Just like the way it is dealing with 1080p videos, it is surely in the support of converting 4K videos in any formats faultlessly. With it, you can fast convert 4K Ultra HD videos in MP4, MKV, MXF, XAVC, WMV, AVI, or any other extension to VLC playable format with least quality loss. Plus, this 4K video converting software provides the optimal presets for portable devices like iPad, iPhone, Galaxy Tablet, Surface Tablet, Kindle Fire HDX; editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Avid MC, etc for better enjoying, editing 4K files. It is also available to customize the output resolutions to any size the users want. (Read review)

Free Download or Purchase Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate for Mac:


How to play, view 4K videos in VLC Player on Mac OS X El Capitan

STEP 1. Load 4K footage

Launch the 4K to VLC Converter Mac. Drag & drop 4K files to the program directly and your files would be added instantaneously. Or you can head to the “Add video” button to locate the 4K videos you want to add.

STEP 2. Select output format

Click format you choose MP4 as target format. Choose “HD Video -> H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)” as the output format.

STEP 3. Tweak video, audio settings

Click “Settings” button; you can adjust video and audio settings, including codec, aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, and audio channel. To down-convert ultra HD 4K to 1080p for easier playback, you just need to adjust video size to 1920*1080.

STEP 4. Start 4K to VLC conversion

Hit the “Start conversion” button to let this smart converter start encoding 4K to VLC on Mac OS X El Capitan. When the conversion is done, you can open and play the converted 4K videos in VLC player without hassle.

Additional Tips: If you are Windows users, you can download and install Media Player Classic for playing 4K videos. Take a simple click, it’s super easy to play 4K videos in full screen mode. But to have a smooth 4K playback on Mac/Windows, this professional 4K HD Converter above is the best choice.

Can I watch HD and 4K movies on Samsung 4K TV from NAS

Got some amazing movies and want to enjoy them on Samsung 4K TV from NAS?

I have a Samsung 4K TV (UA50HU7000) and I would like to find a solution for playing 4K and Full HD movies stored on a funless/silent NAS with only the following requirements:

1- I would like to be able to download movies directly from the NAS without using the PC (Download Station for BT/Magnet Link/HTTP/FTP download), accessing the NAS from internet to manage the downloads.
2- I do not need to stream the movies to the TV or other devices, I can connect the NAS to the TV with a wire.
3- I have a limited budget so cannot go for professional or business solutions

Having a look at some products, I found the QNAP HS-251/251+ (but I think since it has the HDMI output I cannot play the 4K movies) or the QNAP HS-210 which might be used as a storage for my 4K/HD movies to be connected with the Ethernet to my TV. Thank you for your help.

Want to play your home movies on your Samsung 4K TV only to find that your videos are not supportedby Samsung 4K TV? You’ll suffer great disappointment in such cases. So, if you movies are in other video formats like DivX/Xvid, MKV, FLV, RMVB, etc, you’ll need to convert them to Samsung 4K TV playable format for storage on NAS and play them on Samsung 4K TV from NAS.

Now it’s just a piece of cake with this easy how-to guide. Here you will learn how to convert video files to Samsung 4K TV compatible formats and enjoy videos in any format on Samsung 4K TV from NAS without any limitations.

The video conversion program from Pavtube- Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is a professional Samsung 4K TV video converter that allows you to convert all regular video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, VOB, ASF and more to Samsung 4K TV supported formats. In this way, you can watch any video on your Samsung 4K TV from NAS. (Read review)


  • Convert AVI, WMV, MPG, FLV, 3GP, MOV, etc to easy-to-play Samsung TV compatible MP4
  • Offers optimized profile for Sony/Samsung/LG/Panasonic TV
  • Extract audio from video
  • Freely change the sample rate, resolution, bitrates, etc to better cater for your playing needs
  • Edit video: Trim, Crop, Split, Rotate, Flip, Merge, Watermark, etc

First of all, download the converter and then follow the tips to convert video files to fit Samsung 4K TV with ease.
Free Download or Purchase Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate:


Convert Movies to NAS for Playing on Samsung 4K TV in clicks

1. Load video files

Click “Add video” button import HD/4K videos from your computer or devices connected to your computer. After the files have been loaded, you can preview the videos, take snapshots, etc. as you like. And if you want to join all the added video clips into one single movie for Samsung 4K TV, simply tick “Merge into one file” to combine all the files.

2 Customize the output video (optional)
By clicking “Edit selected task” button displayed at the end of each item, you can personalize the video by trimming into many segments, customizing the video frame size, applying special movie effects, adding watermarks, etc.

3. Select the output video format

To convert video files to Samsung 4K TV, you won’t be confused since the video preset for Samsung 4K TV. Just click Format bar and select the model of TV from TVS > Samsung TV(*.mp4) as the export format. In this way, you can just convert your videos to fit Samsung 4K TV and enjoy them in full screen.

Tip – Advanced Settings:

If you like, you can click “Settings” to change the video encoder, resolution, frame rate, etc. as you wish. Keep in mind the file size and video quality is based more on bitrate than resolution which means bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss, and vice versa.

4. Start converting videos for Samsung 4K TV

When all the settings are done, click “Start conversion” button to let the Samsung 4K TV movie converter to start converting the added video clips to Samsung 4K TV supported format with optimized settings.

Sharp 4K TV Won’t Play MKV Solution: Convert MKV to Sharp 4K TV

If you are about to hop on the 4K Ultra HD bandwagon, you may choose a 4K TV for amazing viewing experience. The new Sharp 4K TV arrives at the perfect time — after the initial rush of 4K TVs, while getting the absolute most out of what 4K has to offer and give you an amazing picture no matter what you’re watching. Does Sharp 4K TV play MKV files via USB? 

When you visit a forum, you can see users seeking for solutions to how to fix Sharp 4K TV not playing MKV files. Technically, MKV is an open standard free container format that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture, or subtitle tracks in one file. However, Sharp 4K TVs only plays MKV files via USB with specific parameters inside. Now, you may have a clue why we can play successfully some MKV files on Sharp 4K TV, but fail to play other MKV movies. For example, the MKV files with unsupported audio codec (i.e. MKV DTS files) certainly can’t be rended to Sharp 4K TV.

The solution for you is to find a third-party tool to make everything easy. iFastime Video Converter Ultimate is one of the best options. (Read review)

This video converter app helps you convert MKV to Sharp 4K TV more friendly format i.e. H.264 MP4 and then play them on Sharp 4K TV’s big screen. Besides MKV, MTS, MPG, FLV, XAVC, MOV, AVI, TiVo, Blu-rayDVD3D videos are supported. Plus, it offers kinds of preset profiles for media players including iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note, etc to meet your different needs. If you are Mac users, please turn to iFastime Video Converter Ultimate for Mac which is Mac OS X El Capitan compatible. Follow me to get your quick solution. 

Free Download or Purchase iFastime Video Converter Ultimate:


Other Download: 

How to convert MKV video to Sharp 4K TV for playing via USB?

Step 1. Add MKV video

Install and Run the corresponding program. Click “Add video” button on the top side to open the file browser window and pick your MKV video. You can also drag and drop files to the main interface of this best MKV to Sharp 4K TV converter.

Tip: You can add multiple files to the queue and convert them all at one time.

Step 2: Select output format

Here, you need to choose what you want the output to be. Click “Format” drop-down list, and then select output video format from the powerful converter. For playing MKV video on Sharp 4K TV, we suggest you to choose “HD Video>>H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)”.

Step 3. Advanced settings

Click “Settings” button to customize the output video and audio settings by yourself. But if you are not good at it, you’d better use the default parameters, they will ensure you a good balance between file size and image quality basically. You can change the resolution, bit rate, frame rate as you need. If your source MKV are 4K solution, you can keep the original 4K solurion or down-convert ultra HD 4K to 1080p.

Step 4. Start encoding

Now click “Start conversion” button on the bottom of the screen to start mkv video to Sharp 4K TV conversion process. The amount of time it takes will vary based on your system’s hardware and the quality settings you selected.

When the conversion is done, you can click “Open” button to get the generated video files. Now, you can play MKV video on Sharp 4K TV via USB without any hassles.

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Load SL (Typ 601) 4K videos to Avid Media Composer

The Leica SL (Typ 601) is a strong performer, offering 4K video, a full-frame 24-megapixel image sensor, fast, accurate autofocus, and superb build quality. It offers UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at 30 or 25 fps in Super35 and Full HD (1920 x 1080) and standard HD (1280 x 720) at up to an impressive 120 fps in full-frame mode for slow motion. Have pre-ordered one for days and just curious if people have been able to work with Leica SL (Typ 601) 4K videos in Avid Media Composer natively yet?

SL (Typ 601) 4K camera can build 4K videos in MP4 and MOV wrapper. A common solution to import SL (Typ 601) 4K files to Avid is to AMA in the footage- but it won’t be 4K. Largest project you can have is 1080p. I have tried my best to make it, frustratingly, no luck.

Actually, most editing programs like Avid Media Composer still use 1080p as primary delivery format and will continue to do so for a long time. An alternative and decent solution is to use a third-party video app to convert SL (Typ 601) 4K clips to Avid Media Composer native format before editing. iFastime Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is what most guys recommend. (Read review)

With it, you can transcode SL (Typ 601) 4K videos to Avid Media Composer 5/6/7 without any quality loss. It comes with hundreds of output format presets for 4K videos, such as Apple ProRes 422, Apple ProRes 4444 for Final Cut Pro, AIC MOV for iMovie for better editing on Mac. This Ultra HD Video Converter is also available to customize the output resolutions to any size the users want. The following guide tells you how to convert Leica SL (Typ 601) 4K MP4/MOV for use in Avid Media Composer editable file in detail.

Free Download or Purchase iFastime Video Converter Ultimate for Mac:


Other Download:

Note: Have issues when installing the app on Mac OS X El Capitan? Read the solution here.
Transcode SL (Typ 601) 4K videos to Avid Media Composer 5/6/7

1. Launch the 4K file converter and click “Add video” button to import Leica SL (Typ 601) 4K clips to the program for converting.

2. Click the “Format” to select output format. Choose “Avid Media Composer > Avid DNxHD (*.mov)” as the output format.

Tip: Click the Settings button; you can recommended to set the video size, bit rate, fame rate, etc. Here you are recommended to set the video size as 1920*1080 for Avid Media Composer, as it can’t support raw 4K video well.

3. Hit “Start conversion” button to start the 4K video conversion; it will convert Leica SL (Typ 601) 4K MP4/MOV to Avid Media Composer friendly format on Mac OS X El Capitan immediately.
After the conversion, you can begin importing and editing the converted 4K videos in Avid Media Composer 5/6/7 smoothly.

Have more questions about how to import and edit Leica SL (Typ 601) 4K files in Avid MC, please feel free to contact us>> or leave a message at Facebook.

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How to use Lumix GH4R 4K video in Adobe After Effects

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4R is an extremely slight update on the award-winning DMC-GH4 which boasts unlimited 4K recording and V-Log L video capability for better post production potential. GH4R can record unlimited 4096 x 2160 24 fps (frames per second) cinema-like footage, or QFHD 4K 3840 x 2160 at up to 30 fps, and is only restricted by your memory card. Well, then you may seek for a tutorial for the post workflow when dealing with Lumix GH4R footage just like me. In this tutorial, I will share a guide on how to import Panasonic Lumix GH4R 4K to After Effects for further editing.

4K footage looks amazing but usually it can make video editing a real nightmare. You will find it a painful experience when editing Lumix DMC-GH4R 4K footage in After Effects (including CC/CS6/CS5). Your computer freezes when editing the 4K video. Yeah, After Effects supports 4K video, but it really needs something with more CPU power with the 4K media. What’s more, some 4K footage like 4K MP4/MOV are beyond the format compatibility of After Effects. So, what’s the fluid workflow for editing Panasonic Lumix GH4R 4K in After Effects on Mac OS X El Capitan smoothly?

If you need to edit Lumix DMC-GH4R 4K videos in Adobe After Effects, you need to convert raw 4K video files to Adobe After Effects supported AVI, MOV, MPEG and FLV etc. Here, iFastime Video Converter Ultimate for Mac can help you do the job. (Read review)

With it, you can create an Adobe After Effects friendly file format- MPEG-2 keeping the original quality in OS X El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion and more. And Mac mini, Mac Pro, 4K iMac, 5K iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air are all supported. Besides AE, this software can also export professional encoders like DNxHD for Avid Media Composer, ProRes for Final Cut Pro, AIC MOV for iMovie, MPEG-2 for Premiere Pro and more. For Windows users, 4K Video Converter is the alternative choice.

Free Download or Purchase iFastime Video Converter Ultimate for Mac:


Other Download:

Have issues when installing the app on Mac OS X El Capitan? Read the solution here.

Simple Guide : Convert and Import Panasonic Lumix GH4R 4K to After Effects

Step 1. Install the Mac 4K Converter program and run it. Drag the 4K .mov or .mp4 files from Lumix GH4R to the software. Or you can also click “Add video” button on the top of the main interface to import video to the program. You also can imput several files one by one which will be listed in the box together.

Tip: If you wanna combine several video clips into one file, you can click the “Merge into one file” box.

Step 2. Choose MPEG-2 as output format

This 4K to After Effects converter offers optimized format preset for After Effects. Just click “Format” menu firstly and then follow “Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas” to set “MPEG-2 (*.mpg)” format.

Step 3. Adjust video, audio settings

Click the “Settings” button and customize proper video/audio parameters including Video size, bitrate and fame rate and mroe.

Note: If you want to get original 4K resolution, just keep the video size as original or you can downscale 4K to 1080p for easier editing.

Step 4. Start conversion

After all necessary settings, hit “Start conversion” button to start Panasonic Lumix GH4R 4K video to AE conversion on Mac OS X El Capitan. Once the conversion process shows in 100%, click Open to get the output videos. Create a project and start editing Panasonic Lumix GH4R 4K MP4/MOV videos in After Effects (including CC/CS6/CS5) with light speed.

How to load converted videos to After Effects?

1. Go to the “File Menu” at the top of your workspace. Then go to “File” and “Import File.” Here you will need to search for your video or animation footage. Select it with your mouse and click “OK.”

2. When your files are imported, they will appear as a list in your Project Panel. Each file that you imported will appear with its name and file extension to the right of the footage type icon. Your Composition will also appear in the Project Panel, either under the name you gave it or “Comp 1” if you did not name it.

You can also add footage to your Project using Windows Explorer. For example, if your files are saved in “My Documents,” you can locate your file there–click on it with your mouse, then drag it directly to the Project Panel.

Now get started familizaring yourself with the After Effects workflow by watching this free video guide below:

Have more questions about how to use Lumix GH4R 4K video in Adobe After Effects, please feel free to contact us>> or leave a message at Facebook.

Can I upload Red One 4K R3D Video to YouTube?

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Red One is the first 4K digital cinema camera from RED Digital Cinema. Since its arrival, it has established a pedigree of Oscar winning films, 3D features, and even magazine covers that have solidified its reputation as a reliable workhorse. After recording 4K footage as REDCODE RAW (.r3d) files with RED ONE cameras, don’t just leave it sitting on your device — upload it to YouTube for the whole world to see.

Generally speaking, YouTube accepts video files in format of FLV, AVI, MP4, etc., and in purpose of making Red One 4K R3D files workable for YouTube, you have to convert R3D video files to YouTube compatible format in advance.

See YouTube Supported Formats List:

WebM files (Vp8 video codec and Vorbis Audio codec)
MPEG4, 3GPP and MOV files – (typically supporting h264 and mpeg4 video codecs and AAC audio codec)
AVI (Many cameras output this format – typically the video codec is MJPEG and audio is PCM)
MPEGPS (Typically supporting MPEG2 video codec and MP2 audio)
FLV (Adobe – FLV1 video codec, MP3 audio)

Besides this, YouTube also has two more other limitations.

Uploaded file size: up to 2 GB for standard accounts.
Uploaded file length: up to 15 minutes for standard accounts, and longer than 15 minutes for partner accounts.

Another important, you have to adjust the video bitrate, frame rate for your Red One 4K R3D video before putting to YouTube.

Here iFastime Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is a highly recommended tool to achieve the goal. (Read review) With this 4K R3D to YouTube converter, you can fast convert Red One 4K R3D videos to YouTube most compatible format without quality loss. What’s more, with the built-in video editor, it’s freely for you to trim the 4K videos into multiple segments with short duration. The most important is that, it allows you to modify the video bitrate, frame rate, video size, audio channel, etc for your original 4K clips for easier uploading. If you are working on Windows PC, please get 4K Video Converter. Now I share the step-by-step solution converting/uploading Red One 4K R3D to YouTube.

P.S. Before uploading Red One 4K video to YouTube for sharing with more guys, you can edit 4K video in FCP /Premiere/Avid or iMovie on Mac OS X to get your video to the next level.

Free Download or Purchase iFastime Video Converter Ultimate for Mac:


Other Download:

Have issues when installing the app on Mac OS X El Capitan? Read the solution here.

Convert and Upload Red One 4K R3D Video to YouTube on Mac OS X El Capitan

Step 1. Import Red One 4K R3D files

Copy the Red One 4K R3D files to your hard drive. Drag & drop video files to the 4K video converter after launching it. Or click “Add video” button to locate the files you want to add.  

Step 2. Select output format

Click Format bar to select an output format. To share your Red One movies on YouTube, FLV, AVI, MP4 format from Common Video or HD Video are all the proper formats.

Step 3. Advanced Settings

You can also press the Settings button to adjust the video size, bitrate, frame rate, audio sample rate, etc to optimize the quality. As far as I know, Youtube’s maximum 4K bitrate is 45Mbps and it doesn’t work with 60fps 4k video well. You can set the video frame rate like 24fps. (Learn how to compress 4K to 1080p)

And keep in mind, YouTube always recompress uploaded video, so upload the best, highest resolution you can. (See recommended upload encoding settings for YouTube)

Step 4. Edit/Split your 4K movie

Click “Edit selected task” button and you can trim, crop or adjust the your original video with the built-in video editor to get the very part and effect of the movie you want.

Tip: If the video clips you’ve trimmed are still longer than 15 minutes, you can choose to split the 4K movie into smaller parts so as to share on YouTube without limit. Click the Split icon in the main interface, and you can cut your files according to time length and file size.

Step 5: Start the conversion

Finally, click “Start conversion” to start Red One 4K R3D to YouTube conversion. When the conversion ends, you can tap the Open button to locate the converted files.

Step 6. Upload to YouTube

To upload your video to YouTube, follow the instructions on the YouTube site.

  • Sign into YouTube
  • Click the Upload link at the top of the page
  • Select the converted mp4 files to upload from your computer

Now your Red One 4K R3D video is now in a compatible format for uploading and sharing on YouTube with your friends, families, and fans at ease.

Editor’s Note: Keep in mind that YouTube doesn’t process all resolutions at the same speed. So generally, the lower resolutions, 144p, 240p, 480p show up first followed by higher resolutions and then sometimes a day later 2K and 4K resolutions. So make sure you are giving it enough time as well.

Have more questions about how to share Red One 4K R3D Videos on YouTube, please feel free to contact us>> or leave a message at Facebook.

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Best Choice to Play Fox 4K Blu-ray movies

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It’s said that 4K Blu-ray is coming. Twentieth Century Fox has revealed the first batch of titles that will be released on 4K Blu-ray. They are Exodus: Gods and Kings, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Fantastic Four, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Life of Pi, The Maze Runner and Wild. If you want to have a trouble-free 4K Blu-ray experience, you need a 4K Blu-ray player first since 4K Blu-ray discs are encoded under the H.265/HEVC standard, and they are dual-layer for 66GB while triple-layer for 100GB, which can perplex your current player.

1. 4K Blu-ray Player Hardware Recommendation:

At IFA Samsung introduced its first 4K Blu-ray player, which is expected to arrive on the market in early 2016. So just take your time and wait.

2. 4K Upscaling Blu-ray Players:

Upscale your standard res videos with players below:

a. Sony 4K WiFi Blu-ray Disc Player (BDPS6500):

Sony BDPS6500 Blu-ray player features built-in Wi-Fi. To build a complete 3D home theater system, we recommend you purchase a 3D TV, 3D glasses designed for the TV, high-speed HDMI cable and an A/V receiver that is compatible with 3D products. It is currently the #1 best-selling new release in the Blu-ray player category according to Amazon.

Price: $179.99

b. Samsung 4K 3D Wi-Fi Smart Blu-ray Player (BD-H6500/ZA):

BD-H6500/ZA is the next generation of player designed for the arrival of UHD resolution. Enjoy apps built for TV, stream your favorite content and upscale everything you watch.

Price: $159.99

c. Panasonic DMP-BDT360PS:

Panasonic DMPBDT330 4K Upscaling 3D Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Player can up-convert Blu-ray to 4K Ultra HD equivalent, convert 2D to 3D embellish with built-in WIFI. Fast Booting and Loading, DVD/CD/JPEG playback, Energy Star Qualified. Via Miracast, you can easily browse and view your Smartphone/tablet content and have access to content on networked devices in any room through DLNA.

2. 4K Blu-ray player software kit:

5KPlayer offers the best 4K Blu-ray visual quality on your PC, Mac and HDTV. This approach gives you full access to the video content from almost all aspects –many digital copies, video sharing, video editing etc. Do wisely use this method within the law.

3. Recommended 4K Blu-ray player alternative

Sometimes it can be somehow challenging to notice that despite using the above-mentioned 4K Blu-ray player software you end up with compatibility issues. However, this should not mean that you cannot enjoy watching your Fox 4K Blu-ray.

To play Fox 4K Blu-ray title without Blu-ray Player, you can use iFastime Video Converter Ultimate to enhance your 4K Blu-ray experience. (Read review)

With it, you are capable of converting your 4K Blu-ray to an acceptable file format that is supported by your default media player supported by your Windows or Mac computer. It allows you to convert your Fox 4K Blu-ray with a lot of ease thus making the experience fun. Nothing can be compared to the ability to rip your 4K Blu-ray devoid of any obstacle. Mac version is here.

The most amazing thing with this tool is that you can do 4K Blu-ray conversion with just a few clicks so that you can play your Fox 4K Blu-ray movie without the restriction of 4K Blu-ray players. Here is a detailed guide on how to convert 4K Blu-ray to an acceptable file format that is supported by your default media player supported by your computer.

Free Download or Purchase iFastime Video Converter Ultimate:


Other Download:

If you are using the software for the first time, install the program on your computer. After a successful installation

1. Insert the Blu-ray in your drive and then run the program in your computer.
2. Click “Load file(s)” button to add Blu-ray disc.

3. Select your preferred file format as the output format (for instance MP4) from the drop-down list of “Format” or select a proper format from the category of iPod, iPhone, iPad or PSP for your multimedia devices. (Learn how to compress 4K to 1080p video)

4. Click the “Start conversion” button to begin ripping the Blu-ray file to your desired file format.

So, above are the recommended flexible ways to play 4K Blu-ray videos. Feel free to find the best way you enjoy.

Have more questions about how to play Fox 4K Blu-ray title without Blu-ray Player, please feel free to contact us>> or leave a message at Facebook.

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