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Store 4K Videos/Movies on Cloud Storage

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The great benefits such as costs saving, scalability, data protection and proximity to end users of Cloud storage devices make such services an attractive solution to the data storage challenges faced by today’s businesses and public institutions. Have some personal 4K video downloaded from YouTube or shot with your 4K devices recorders and wish to

Watch 4K Videos via Synology DS416 PLAY on TV

2016 has seen the release of several 2-Bay NAS units, an upgrade to the DS216+ and DS716+ in the DS716+II and DS216+II. Alongside that we have seen a few 4-bay NAS released, the Synology DS416PLAY, feature far more advanced hardware and NAS options compared to the previous version and now made itself more desirable NAS

Upload YIFY 4K Movies to Synology DS216play

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Synology DS216play is a 2-bay NAS featuring 4K Ultra HD video transcoding and powerful processing capabilities, letting you enjoy high definition media contents, as well as keeping all the other aspects of a fully-fledged NAS uncompromised. If you have some 4K movies, like 4K YIFY movies, uploading them to Synology DS216play is a good idea

Play 4K videos from Plex with no buffering

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The new Plex Media Player for PC supports 4KSome of you already know and use Plex but for those of you unfamiliar with it think of it as software for watching/listening to your locally-stored media files, such as video, movies and music, on the living room TV screen over WiFi. This version is for a

Stream 4K AVI to Samsung 4K TV via Plex

Plex gives you instant access to your media collections – your home videos, photos, music, TV shows, and movies, so you can quickly find and stream what you want to any device, any time. Its platforms include Macs, PCs, Smart TVs, Roku, Apple TV, and more. Whether it’s your movie and TV collection or your

Can I watch HD and 4K movies on Samsung 4K TV from NAS

Got some amazing movies and want to enjoy them on Samsung 4K TV from NAS? I have a Samsung 4K TV (UA50HU7000) and I would like to find a solution for playing 4K and Full HD movies stored on a funless/silent NAS with only the following requirements: 1- I would like to be able to

How can I backup 4K videos to Synology DS416 and DS216play?

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Synology launches the DiskStation DS416 and DS216play. The NAS units are equipped with a powerful hardware encryption engine, DS216play can transcode 4K video on-the-fly and make the 4K file streaming even more convenient. Can Synology DS416/DS216play transcode 4K videos for my device? You may ask and here gives your the best answer. Video transcoding refers

Tutorial on Playing 4K Movies on Chromebook 13 at Travels

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Chromebook laptop is a new type of online computing thin client based on Google Chrome OS, only workable after being connected to the Internet. Recently Acer and Dell have released or will release their own Chromebook 13 laptops. Though some new Chromebook 13 models have an processor capable of rendering 4K video with connecting to

How to Mirror 4K Movies to TV with Chromecast 2

Google, as one of the strongest search giants, takes over your TV with Google Chromecast designed to take your digital content and get it up on bigger HDTV, just like Roku and Apple TV work. Now it announced new Chromecast 2 which will support for higher-resolution (even 4K) streaming. Whether H.264 video decoding is still

Play 4K videos on PS3/Xbox 360 from TVS-871T QNAP NAS

You must have heard several times about 4K, 4K TV, 4K camcoders, but are you needing an ideal storage for 4K video workflows? Recently, QNAP Ships World’s First Hybrid NAS/DAS/iSCSI IP-SAN Solution with Thunderbolt and 10GbE Network Connectivity. Traditional NAS functions for archiving, project backup, and sharing are also available, which should provide users with