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How to Play 4K Video on NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV via Plex

With increasing demand for video quality and resolution, the UHD and 4K videos became more and more popular on every video-sharing sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Niconico, LiveLeak and so on. When you found your favourite 4k resolution films or movies on website, how can you play downloaded 4K videos on your NVIDIA SHIELD Android

Can FCP support DJI Osmo 4K videos?

Category : 4K Cameras , Final Cut Pro

The Osmo system from DJI combines the Zenmuse X3 camera/gimbal with a detachable handle, bringing the benefits of stabilized 4K shooting to a handheld form factor. It enables up to full DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) video recording at 24 or 25p with MP4 format in a .MOV wrapper (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264). 4K videos enables a

Make YouTube 4K Halloween Movies compatible with Surface Book

Category : Mobile Devices

2015 Halloween Day is just around the corner. There is one thing to increase festive atmosphere, namely, Halloween movie. It is wonderful that now you have an opportunity to download some amazing Halloween movie trailers in 4K resolution from YouTube and maybe you are curious about how to make downloaded Halloween YouTube 4K Movies playable

Connect and Play DVD movies on Vizio M Series TV

Category : 4K TV (TV Box)

The Vizio M series is one of the least-expensive 4K TVs you can buy. Its picture quality, thanks to full-array local dimming, delivers deep black levels and excellent contrast for an LCD TV. VIZIO M Series TV delivers incredible UHD picture quality, powerful performance and beautiful design, all driven by an ultra-intuitive Smart TV experience

How to play 4K Videos with Surface Pro 4 Windows 10 tablet?

Category : Mobile Devices

With an October launch, the Surface Pro 4 is also expected to come with the first major Windows 10 upgrade and will be divided into two screen categories; namely 12 and 14 inches. The low end Surface Pro 4 will be coming with the same display resolution as last year, while the high end variant

Get 4K movies to play on 4K 21.5-Inch iMac (El Capitan)

Category : 4K Formats , Desktop Player

Apple on Tuesday updated its smaller all-in-one iMac desktop with a high-resolution Retina 4K display, packing 9.4 million pixels into its 21.5-inch screen. If you have got a 4K iMac, the first spark that flashes into your mind will surely be to play high-definition videos and movies, and even better, 4K movies on the 4K

Can I play DVD movies on LG 4K Ultra HD TV?

Category : 4K TV (TV Box)

In the past decades, we used to watch DVD movies on TV by the way of DVD player. It is conventional, and seems to be the only way. But now, it couldn’t be happier to spend most of your time sitting on the couch and watch your DVD movies on LG 4K Ultra HD TVs.

YouTube Support 4k files from DJI Phantom 3 (Standard/Advanced/Professional)?

Category : 4K Formats , 4K Share

The Phantom 3 from DJI comes with a camera and gimbal (stabilizer) built-in by default. The “Vision” branding has been replaced by “Professional” and “Advanced” to identify which camera you’ll be getting: 4K(30fps)/12-megapixel and 1080p(up to 60fps)/12-megapixel respectively. If you recorded some 4K videos by DJI Phantom 3, you may like upload that raw 4K

How to Mirror 4K Movies to TV with Chromecast 2

Google, as one of the strongest search giants, takes over your TV with Google Chromecast designed to take your digital content and get it up on bigger HDTV, just like Roku and Apple TV work. Now it announced new Chromecast 2 which will support for higher-resolution (even 4K) streaming. Whether H.264 video decoding is still

Play 4K videos on PS3/Xbox 360 from TVS-871T QNAP NAS

You must have heard several times about 4K, 4K TV, 4K camcoders, but are you needing an ideal storage for 4K video workflows? Recently, QNAP Ships World’s First Hybrid NAS/DAS/iSCSI IP-SAN Solution with Thunderbolt and 10GbE Network Connectivity. Traditional NAS functions for archiving, project backup, and sharing are also available, which should provide users with