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Downsize DJI Inspire 1 4K Files to 1080p

Category : 4K Compressor

DJI Inspire camera can shoot up to  4K footage with MOV/MP4 format capture 12 megapixel photos. With this high definiti on image ability showed to us, DJI Inspire has attracted a lot of users. However, for Mac users, it’s always not so easy to play DJI Inspire 1 4K videos with QuickTime or edit them in

Play SD/HD/4K videos on Toshiba Radius 12 4K Laptop

Category : Mobile Devices

Toshiba’s Radius 12 2-in-1 packs an UltraHD 4K panel into a 12.5-inch diagonal screen. So there is no doubt it is a great enjoyment to play SD/HD/4K videos on Toshiba Radius 12 4K Laptop. But sometimes you may encounter some troubles in playing videos on the Toshiba Radius 12. In order to make you watch

How to Import Sony A7S II XAVC-S 4K to Premiere Pro CC?

Category : 4K Cameras , Adobe Premiere

Sony has announced the mirrorless full-frame Alpha 7s II camera that takes its predecessor, the existing Alpha 7s, to the next level. The Alpha 7s II, or simply the A7s II, is capable of recording 4K videos internally (3,840 x 2,160) at 24 or 30fps in the XAVC S format. To be able to import

Tricks on playing Drone 4K videos on iPad Air 2 without any problems

Category : 4K Cameras , Mobile Devices

With the development of the science and technology, the Drone is becoming more and more popular. There are some popular 4K drones today like Dji – Phantom 3 Professional Flying Camera, DJI Phantom 3 Standard, Yuneec – Typhoon 4k Quadcopter, etc. Many games like to use record the videos by drone for the convenience. After

Watch Christmas movies on Vizio 4K TV from USB

Category : 4K TV (TV Box)

Vizio 4K TV come loaded with pixel-packed Ultra-HD goodness, including an expanded color gamut, and a full-array LED backlight with a whopping 384 active LED zones, allowing for extremely finite backlighting that enhances contrast between dark and light scenes. Speaking of contrast, as the first to exhibit Dolby Vision HDR technology in a commercial set,

Enjoy Nexflix 4K Christmas movies on Apple TV 4

Category : 4K Formats , 4K TV (TV Box)

Watching movies on Netflix, regardless of the device, is a great way to enjoy the holidays, especially if you want to really immerse yourself in the season. Christmas Day is coming, and now you can download 4K movies from the Netflix. 4K is the next generation of high-definition TV. But the new Apple TV is missing

Watch Christmas Blu-ray on Sony XBR65X930C 4K TV with family

Category : 4K TV (TV Box)

Christmas is coming. Are you getting ready for celebrating this grand holiday? Some of you may have a well-thought-out plan to have an enjoyable Christmas journey, while some others may prefer to hold a Christmas party at home with families. It is a good idea to have a Christmas Blu-ray movie party getting in the

Celebrate Christmas – Watching Christmas Movies on 4K TV nicely

Category : 4K TV (TV Box)

Christmas is around the corner. Are you getting ready for celebrating this grand holiday? It is a good idea to have a Christmas movie party getting in the holiday spirit for families who hope to spend a peaceful but warm Christmas day. If your home has a 4K TV, watching Christmas movies on 4K TV will be

10 best UHD 4K TVs of 2015 – 2016

Category : 4K TV (TV Box) , Hot Topics

If you’re looking to buy a new television this year then chances are you’re after an Ultra HD TV. Ultra HD is the new buzzword in TV tech, and these sets can deliver sharper, crisper, high-fidelity visuals than are possible at a measly 1080p.Every manufacturer is now lining up to offer you a 4K UHD

7 Ways to Watch 4K Video and Movie at Home

Category : 4K Formats , Hot Topics

Most people prefer to watch 4K video at home with family and friends. In order to play 4K video at home freely, you’ll need a 4K monitor, TV or projector, and possibly a special media device or a 4K-capable video camera. That’s because 4K Ultra HD has essentially four times the pixel density of 1080p.