Tutorial on Playing 4K Movies on Chromebook 13 at Travels

Tutorial on Playing 4K Movies on Chromebook 13 at Travels

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Chromebook laptop is a new type of online computing thin client based on Google Chrome OS, only workable after being connected to the Internet. Recently Acer and Dell have released or will release their own Chromebook 13 laptops.

Though some new Chromebook 13 models have an processor capable of rendering 4K video with connecting to a 4K TV through an HDMI port, it may be stutter when watching online 4K movies on Chromebook 13 via 4K TV since accessing 4K content requires a 25Mbps or faster downstream internet connection which is faster than most people have. (See how to enable New 4k Video Render in Chrome)

But good news is that you can have a fluent viewing if you download 4K movies and play them on Chromebook 13 offline.

To make Chromebook 13 handle 4K UHD video without issue, check whether the video is in line with the Chromebook 13 compatible video format first. Otherwise, convert it. By the way, if your 4K UHD video file size are enormous, you can compress 4K UHD video of MP4, AVI, MOV, XAVC, MXF, H.265, MKV etc. to Chromebook 13 due to its relatively smaller hard drive capacity.

Chromebook 13 supported video formats:

.3gp, .avi, .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .m4a, .mp3, .mkv, .ogv, .ogm, .ogg, .oga, .webm, .wav

Chromebook Supported Codecs: .ogv(Theora), .webm(vp8), .mp4(H264, MPEG), .mov(H264, MPEG), .avi(MPEG4/MP3, DIVX/MP3, XVID/MP3), .3gp(H264/AAC, MPEG4/AMR-NB)

Worth noting that though you import 4K UHD video in MP4, AVI, MOV to Chromebook 13, it turns out that the video is not playable on the laptop, because of different video codec, encode it. Here is an easy way to convert 4K movies to Chromebook 13 formats and then play 4K movies on Chromebook 13 at travels. Just follow the guide below.

How to Convert 4K for Smooth 4K Playback on Chromebook 13

* Preparation Tools: 4K movie | 4K video converter | USB Flash disk (or SD card)

First you need to get iFastime Video Converter Ultimate, an all-in-one 4K video converter, 4K player and 4K editor. The program also support convert 4K video files in any format to Chromebook 13 for playing with Chromebook 13 without limit. Besides ensuring smooth 4K playback on Chromebook 13, it also allows you to compress 4K video to Chromebook 13. (Read review to learn more functions)

With the aid of the smashing Chromebook 13 video converter, you can play 4K Ultra HD video on Chromebook 13 with less occupation regardless of video formats or codec. Now refer to the steps to get it running.

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Free Download or Purchase iFastime Video Converter Ultimate:


Other Download:

The Steps to encode 4K movies to play on Chromebook 13

Step 1: Click on the “Add Video” button to add 4K video files from computer.

Step 2: Click Format bar and just select an output format as you like. In most cases, MP4 format is recommended to users. It could fit on your Acer and Dell Chromebooks. Compared with MKV and AVI, MP4 will bring smaller size.

Step 3: If you think the original settings are not suitable for your Chromebook 13, you can click the Settings icon to change the settings.

Tips: To downsize your 4K mp4 videos, you can:

a. Change Parameter Settings, Incl. Video Resolution, Frame Rate and Bit Rate

Video resolution:  For ultra HD 4K videos, it’s recommended to reduce to 1080p (1920*1080) resolution in “Video Size” election.

Bitrate: Lowering the bit rate will bring about the decrease of the video file size.

Frame rate: The lower frame rate, the smaller size you will get, and vice versa.

b. Trim Unwanted Part to Downsize Video File

Generally, trimming unwanted video clips from your big video file is a feasible way to decrease your video file. (Here is how to)

Step 4: After everything is OK, simply click the big “Start conversion” button to start converting 4K videos for Chromebook 13. Of course the conversion speed also depends on the selected output video format, related speed options setting, your computer configuration and the movie running time.

After successful encoding, you can transfer the converted movie to Chromebook 13 with USB flash disk and then play watch 4K movie on Chromebook 13 at travels.

Have more questions about how to play and watch 4K movies on Chromebook 13 offline, please feel free to contact us>> or leave a message at Facebook.

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