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Best 4K Video Converter Review

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The 4K resolution video, which offers around four times what current 1080p resolution video can display, has become a trend. More or more movies on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, YouTube, UltraFlix are streamed in 4K resolution. In addition, large variety of recording devices including cameras, camcorders, smartphone, tablet now has the ability to record

Best Multi-track 4K MXF Converter Review

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Have recorded some 4K MXF files with your Panasonic P2, Sony XDCAM or Canon XF camera and wish to preserver the multiple audio tracks in 4K MXF when loading the footage into Final Cut Pro X for post professional editing workflow or converting it to other compatible file formats such as MOV, MP4, etc just as

Netflix 4K Review: Why You Don’t Need UHD Blu-ray

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Some people may be miffed by Sony’s decision to exclude a 4K Blu-ray drive since they firmly believe that 4K Blu-ray offers best picture quality and sound effect than 4K streaming video. In addition, 4K streaming has high requirements for the Internet streaming speed. However, for those people who value price more much, we would

Most Popular 4K Video Players Review

With the popularization of 4K, users can now enjoy videos and movies with staggering vivid details. Anyway for better enjoy 4K files, owing a superior player is the premise. Any good 4k video players to recommend? In this article, I will show you best 4K video players to help you playing 4K videos smoothly. Part