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Play Blu-ray/DVD ISO and DVD IFO files on Samsung 4K TV

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ISO format is very perfect for saving the entire BD/DVD movie, and IFO format is generally for DVD. However, playing BD/DVD ISO movies and DVD IFO movies on Samsung 4K TV will be a big problem to us, because Samsung 4K TV doesn’t support for playing BD/DVD ISO and DVD IFO movies at all. In fact,

Stream 4K AVI to Samsung 4K TV via Plex

Plex gives you instant access to your media collections – your home videos, photos, music, TV shows, and movies, so you can quickly find and stream what you want to any device, any time. Its platforms include Macs, PCs, Smart TVs, Roku, Apple TV, and more. Whether it’s your movie and TV collection or your

MY Samsung 4K TV won’t play 4K MP4 over USB/SD port input

Category : 4K MP4 , 4K TV (TV Box)

“Hi I’m having a hard time trying to play my 4K content on my Samsung UHD tv. I’ve tried both file formats and no luck. Any ideas?”From some forum, we found many Samsung 4K TV users have the troubles in playing 4K MP4 on Samsung 4K TV. How to solve this problem and other same problems

Watch 4K H.265 MKV movies on Samsung 4K TV with subtitles

TV has never been better with UHD and smart TV technology. Samsung 4K Ultra HD TVs deliver stunningly clear, detailed images. The increased pixel density allows you to sit very close for a fully immersive experience. The new Samsung 4K SUHD TVs take the picture quality even further, featuring revolutionary Nano-crystal technology. Easily stream your favorite online

How to Play 4K videos on iPhone 7?

Category : Mobile Devices

Can 4K UHD Videos Be Played on iPhone 7 ?Disappointedly, the answer is “No”. In fact, currently none of the iOS devices can display 4K resolution on screen. Neither the current newset iPhone 7 does not support to play 4K videos, nor the Apple TV and most MACs on market. Why 4K UHD Video can

Where to Get 4K Movies for Streaming/Watching

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It is well known that YouTube is a portal where one can upload and find 4K contents that can keep him/her occupied. However, truly 4K resolution videos are still quite limited (or short of source), to say nothing of 4K movies. YouTube has failed to be counted as a genuine 4K movie site by far,

Watch H.265 videos on LG 65EF950V 4K TV

Most of the videos plays smooth on 4K TV, but H.265 encoded videos are not played on LG 65EF950V 4K TV. Nowadays all movies/TV serials/blu ray Discs are streaming in h265 codec format but its not playing in LG 65EF950V 4K TV well due to some reasons. When you try to watch H.265 encoded video then