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Play GoPro Hero 6 4K H.265 with VLC

Different from the previous GoPro camera models, the newly released GoPro Hero 6 uses the new High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) – also known as H.265 to record high quality 4K 60fps video at roughly half the size with equivalent image quality. After the recording, some people recommend VLC as the excellent free, cross-platform to

DJI Mavic Pro 4K Playback Choppy on QuickTime Player

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The DJI Mavic Pro camera can shoot up to 4096 x 2160 4K video at 30 frames. For Mac users who try to playback DJI Mavic Pro 4K with QuickTime player, which is pre-installed on all Mac computers, they often encounter the 4K video playback choppy issues just as condition listed below: “I am shooting

Play 4K Video with QuickTime Player

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For Mac users who have a lot of personal 4K video shot with your iPhone, iPad or cameras, you will come the idea to play the 4K video with QuickTime Player, the default and pre-installed media player app on your Mac computer. However, a lot of people complain that they often suffer the video playback

iPhone 4K video not playing smoothly on PC? – Solution here

iPhone has become the most popular now. You can use iPhone like iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus etc. But QuickTime’s iPhone 4K video (MP4/MOV) support is not that good and Mac user may suffer stuttering playback and other issues. “So I have this film project that I am doing for school and I

Play 4K MXF with QuickTime Player on Mac El Capitan/macOS Sierra

On the recording market, more and more camcorders and cameras add support for 4K videos, Sony, Panasonic, BlackMagic, Canon, GoPro has all released 4K camcorders, and today even some smartphones can record videos in 4K resolution. Maybe you already got a camcorder or camera that can record videos in 4K, on the market, most camcorders

Enjoy DJI Phantom 4 4K videos on VLC Player

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This guide answers the question “Does VLC Play DJI Phantom 4 4K footage” and gives solutions to fix VLC play Phantom 4 4K videos error. – I am seeking for a free video player to play my Phantom 4 4K footage. How about VLC? Can it play 4K files? – Phantom 4 will not take useable

Play/Stream 4K movies on Windows 10

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Four times as many pixels as 1080p, 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels) is becoming a popular and well-known resolution now. It produces a sharper and clearer picture and people are willing to enjoy this vivid picture with ease. However, not all computers can support the smooth playback of 4K video, not all players can perfectly

Best 4K Media Players for UHD 4K TVs

There is a big question on the minds of all 4K TV enthusiasts: how to gain access to 4k content? With the inception of 4k technology, a number of leading manufacturers faced this issue. However, most of the manufacturers have come up with reliable and advanced solution i.e. 4K Media Players.Sony Ultra HD 4K Media PlayersSony’s advanced

Play 4K XAVC on MX Player without stumble issues

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The successful sale of new CineAlta 4K camera makes XAVC format widely adopted in the marketplace. XAVC can record 4K resolution, HD resolution, Proxy XAVC and more for super video quality and wonderful visual experience. Though 4K UltraHD video is coming to Android, a device shipped with 4K specs will definitely cost lot. Many folks

Play 4K Video in VLC Player via Mac OS X El Capitan

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People love to watch movies to enrich their spare times. Thanks to the creation of 4K technology, a lot of 4K movies spring up to meet people’s needs. Taking House of Cards 2 as an example, it is so popular that it has attracted thousands of 4K movies lovers. But playing super high definition 4K

Get 4K movies to play on 4K 21.5-Inch iMac (El Capitan)

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Apple on Tuesday updated its smaller all-in-one iMac desktop with a high-resolution Retina 4K display, packing 9.4 million pixels into its 21.5-inch screen. If you have got a 4K iMac, the first spark that flashes into your mind will surely be to play high-definition videos and movies, and even better, 4K movies on the 4K

Most Popular 4K Video Players Review

With the popularization of 4K, users can now enjoy videos and movies with staggering vivid details. Anyway for better enjoy 4K files, owing a superior player is the premise. Any good 4k video players to recommend? In this article, I will show you best 4K video players to help you playing 4K videos smoothly. Part