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Play 4K videos on Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

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The 15-inch Samsung Notebook 9 is a key new example of a bigger screen in a smaller body. The display is a non-touch full HD (1,920×1,080) one, but an extra $300 gets a 4K-resolution touch version. It is really a nice enjoyment to watch videos on Samsung Notebook 9 Pro. But how to play 4K

4K Phones and Tablets FAQs

Category : Hot Topics , Mobile Devices

Mobile phones with the ability to shoot 4K ultra HD video are indeed a relatively new development but they’re also hardly something that’s just barely come into existence. In fact, they’ve been around commercially since 2013, when the chipmaker Qualcomm launched their powerful Snapdragon 800 chipsets and gave phone makers the processing ability to create

Top Netflix 4K Movies/TV series 2016

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Netflix is a home to a lot of good movies and television shows perfect for binge watching. If you love watching 4k or the UHD content, you’re in luck as Netflix has some good contents to watch in that resolution as well. The newest-comers in the streaming on Netflix, 4k contents are becoming much popular as