Best HEVC(H.265) Video Decoder/Encoder for Windows 10

Best HEVC(H.265) Video Decoder/Encoder for Windows 10

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If you wanna convert your video files to or from H.265 to get the quality with smaller size but have no idea how to begin, this tutorial should help you to find the best H.265 decoder/encoder for decoding/encoding H.265 on Windows 10.

High Efficiency Video Coding, abbreviated in HEVC, also known as H.265, is a successor to currently most commonly used video compression format H.264, which is said to double the data compression ratio compared with the previous. But some phone, tab, TV, stream box etc don’t support H.265. We need to convert it into another file type which is supported by our device. And sometimes you will need create H.265 codec for some usages. So here let us make you now that why we need to decode/encode H.265..

Part 1. Why we need to Decode/Encode H.265

A. Why Encode H.265

HEVC aims to encode video at the lowest possible bitrate while maintaining a high level of video quality in transmission with lower bandwidth utilization ratio. To put it simple, compared with H.264 video, H.265 video offers a smaller video size at the same level of video quality, and enhance video quality at the same bitrate. We also find a lot of Apple device users want to convert their video files to H.265 format since it’s the best format for video experience.

B. Why Decode H.265

At present, 4K (2160p) resolution videos can only be contained into two formats – MKV/H.265 and MPEG. And the average bit rate reduction for HEVC is 64% for 4K UHD and 62% for 1080p. However, most 4K TVs cannot decode H.265/HEVC, leading to the failure of downloaded 4K/H.265 videos playback on TV. And streaming H.265/4K video to TV on Windows 10 for watching won’t be possible as well.

Part 2. How to Choose a H.265 Decoder/Encoder for Windows 10

Any program make we not only encode H.265 but also decode H.265 on Windows 10? Yes, there some converters for H.265. Next you can find your desire H.265 Decoder/Encoder for Windows 10. You can choose the best one according to decode/encode video quality, speed, supported formats, easy-to-use etc.

Part 3. Top 3 H.265 Decoder/Encoder for Windows 10

Top 1. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate (also ranked as one of the top 3 fast video converters), which ensures you to complete 4K/H.265 video conversion on Windows 10 at one go. It not only can encode H.265 video but also can decode H.265 video. For example, to play H.265/MKV video on Sony TV, there is no need of video format conversion; To play HEVC/H.265 video on Apple TV or Samsung Smart TV, convert H.265 to H.264 with a best Windows 10 HEVC video converter and all is done. To convert H.264 and other video to H.265, you only need to choose ”H.265” video.

What’s more, you can edit your H.265 video woith some basic video editing functions: split, merge, trim, crop, add watermark, adjust video effect, edit audio and insert subtitles. It is the first choice for decoding/encoding H.265 on Window 10. (Read its review to learn more)

h.265 mp4 output format

Top 2. HandBrake

HandBrake is another encoding tool available for users who like to choose the best parts of other programs. Like the x265 Encoder it is open source, and the latest 0.10 version upgrades to H.265 compatibility. In fact, it even supports x265 directly, as well as features from linbpx, VP8, and other sources — giving you the option to mix and match your open source cereals in the same big bowl. If you have Windows, you can also get support for QuickSync video.

In addition to borrowing the encoder, HandBrake’s method of picking out features from various services means that you need a lot of support for everything to work, which could take time. On the plus side, you can have the best of several worlds with some effort.

Top 3. DivX HEVC

With the free DivX HEVC Plug-in, you can experience the latest video standard for quality and compression. By using the new DivX HEVC profiles supported in DivX Converter, Player and Web Player, you can create DivX HEVC videos in MKV at file sizes smaller than H.264 and watch DivX HEVC videos on any computer and in your favorite browser. The video compression results delivered by this software program are superior to what others will offer you.

Part 4. Conclusion

Here is the 3 Top H.265 Video Converter both for Windows (10) Review in 2017. I hope it could be helpful to you. With a top HEVC(H.265) Video Decoder/Encoder Windows 10 video converter, you can encode/decode any h.265 video/movie which be played on any device on Windows 10 with ease, even the core functions are rather indistinctive only with some niche diverse personnel features. For that reason, I think Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate will offers you shareable delighted entertainment among the top 3 H.265 video converter for Windows 10. Mac version is here.

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