How to Play 4K H.265 on Xbox One?

How to Play 4K H.265 on Xbox One?

How to Play 4K Movie with Xbox One is to what degree the console actually supports 4K content. We know that the 4K video and gaming support is the most headline-grabbing new feature of Xbox One. However, although Xbox One supports 4K movie streaming, there’s video format/codec incompatibility problem. Currently, 4K content could presumably use either H.264 or H.265 for encoding, while Xbox One probably won’t support H.265. Moreover, even if it supports H.264, the video format problem remains: today, most of 4K movies are recorded in MXF/RAW/XAVC, etc. format which the Xbox One does not support.

To solve the Xbox One 4K streaming problem and freely play 4K movie with Xbox One, the best solution is to convert 4K video to Xbox One supported formats. And for this, a third-party 4K Video Converter app is needed. Fortunately, you can depend on Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate  (iMedia Converter for Mac) since Xbox One/Xbox 360 is included in its output. Why we called this program as the best 4K H.265 to Xbox one video converter? Because it can convert those Xbox unsupported video formats for playback smoothly with three clicks on the mouse. Besides 4K H.265 to Xbox One, this powerful converter also supports converting MP4, AVI, DVD, Blu-ray, MXF, XAVC, etc to Xbox One supported formats quickly.

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How to Play 4K H.265 on Xbox One with the easiest way?

Step 1: After downloading, install and run the program, then you can either directly drag the 4K H.265 movies you want to the program or click “Add video” button to browse and select MP4 files from your hard drive for converting.

Step 2: You can also choose the output format from “Zune/Xbox 360 Device”. From the sublist, the “Xbox 360 Video – Windows Media Video(*.wmv)”, “Xbox 360 Video (640*480)(*.wmv)”, “Xbox 360 HD Video (*.wmv)” are all the friendly formats for you to add videos/movies to Xbox One.

Step 3: At last, click the “Convert” button at the bottom right corner to start 4K H.265 to Xbox One conversion immediately. After conversion, you can click “Open ” to locate the converted 4K H.265 video files and just stream to Xbox one for playing without limitation.

Tips: Full List of Best 4K Games to Play in 2016

So you decided to get a Xbox One, and why not? Microsoft’s next-generation machine is one of the best consoles around, with an innovative dashboard OS and awesome controller setting it apart from Sony PS4. Throw in an impressive library of games and exclusives, and the Xbox One is really starting to hit its stride. But which games should you buy? 2015 was a great year for the Xbox One, so we’ve assembled the best games from last year, along with other classics, to make a definitive list. Here are some of the best Xbox games you can buy in 2016, from sandbox RPGs to sim-racers.

The 8 Xbox One titles every Xbox owner needs to be playing in 2016

1. Best Xbox One Games: Fallout 4

A strong contender for game of the year, Fallout 4 is one of the most immersive, rewarding titles out at the moment. Released by Bethesda, the latest Fallout title throws you into the aftermath of a devastating nuclear war. Your mission? Just to survive – and find your son. Along the way, you’ll forge new relationships, upgrade and tweak your gear and progress through the game’s exciting story. An essential purchase for anyone into RPGs.

2. Best Xbox One Games: The Witcher 3

Voted by many as the game of the year, The Witcher 3 offers one of the most expansive, rewarding and immersive experiences available on consoles and PC alike. As well as a gripping storyline that will take you hours to complete, The Witcher 3 also packs in countless side missions into its sprawling game environment. You’ll encounter unique characters and villages along your quests, and the game’s great graphics and attention to detail will keep you entertained for months. 

3. Best Xbox One Games: Halo 5

Halo was a killer app for Microsoft’s original Xbox, and the same could be said for Halo 5. The definitive FPS on Microsoft’s console, Halo 5 is the latest installment of the game that gave us Master Chief and Cortana. Like previous titles, Halo draws you in with an impressive, cinematic campaign mode that sheds even more light on its fascinating universe – but it’s the game’s frantic multiplayer modes you’ll stay for.

4. Best Xbox One Games: Forza 6

Gran Turismo used to be the definitive console-racer, but that’s all changed since the arrival of Forza. Now into its sixth installment, Forza Motorsport 6 represents the best racing game on the Xbox One – and possibly all consoles. As you’d expect from a first-party title, the graphics are gorgeous, but it’s in the controls where Forza 6 really excels.

5. Best Xbox One Games: Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive sets itself apart from other third-person shooters with surreal and stylised graphics, a great story, and self-aware gameplay. The premise is simple: the year is 2027, and thousands of people have been transformed into the OD – mutants addicted to energy drinks. What follows is one of the most charming, witty and, most importantly, enjoyable games available on the Microsoft system.  

6. Best Xbox One Games: Destiny: The Taken King

Designed by the original creators of Halo, Destiny is one of the most ambitious, expensive games ever made – and it shows. A hybrid of an RPG and FPS, Destiny combines two addictive gaming genres, and the result is unlike anything you’ve played before. Before you even consider DLCs, there’s hours of content, and with the game’s well balanced, addictive multiplayer, it’s worth checking out.

7. Best Xbox One Games: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is arguably one of the most important games to be released in the last twenty years. First launched in 1996, the series has gone on to spawn countless games and two films – and now Lara Croft arrives on the next-gen. Developed by Microsoft Studios and published by the legendary Square Enix, Rise of the Tomb Raider marks a return to form for the series. If you like adventure games, or an Indiana Jones-style voyage of discovery, Rise of the Tomb Raider is well worth checking out.

8. Best Xbox One Games: Star Wars Battlefront

Take Battlefield, one of the most popular shooting games around and add Star Wars, one of the most popular film franchises in history. The result? Star Wars Battlefront, one of the biggest games to be released this year. Featuring all the sights and sounds of the Star Wars universe accurately modelled in next-gen detail, Star Wars Battlefront is a must for any fans of the sci-fi series. Despite its lack of an offline campaign, Battlefront can still give you one of the most frantic, cinematic experiences on your Xbox One.

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